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How to Be Listed as a Practitioner on the TAOMCHI


TAOMCHI is The Association Of Melody Crystal Healers International TM.  After successfully passing Level 2 and receiving your Master of Crystology certificate, you can choose to have yourself listed as a Melody Crystal Healing Practitioner on this website under the Practitioners tab.

The fee for a listing is $25 per year plus a one-time $25 fee for the initial setup.


What to do to be listed?


  1. Complete the Directory listing application form on the TAOMCHI website. This can be found under the Resources tab, Directory  Listing or by using this link


  1. Download and complete the Practitioner agreement on the TAOMCHI website that can be found under the Resources tab, Practitioner Agreement or by using this link



  1. Send a copy of your Master of Crystology certificate and the Practitioner agreement to Tracy Bone at

PO Box 54824
Phoenix, Arizona 85078-4824


  1. Make your payment via PayPal on the website when you complete the directory listing application or send a check to the above address.


  1. If you have any questions with this process, please contact Tracy at