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Posted by on Aug 17, 2013 in Laying on of Stones |

Mobility by Akeeya

Mobility by Akeeya

The ” Mobility” configuration was gifted to me by Bob Jackson in a dream on February 9th 1998



The “Mobility” configuration is established by placing a quartz sphere on the heart side palm and a quartz crystal point with termination pointing downwards in the opposite palm, then place single terminated crystal points in the pattern in the above figure, ( Mobility image) with “at least” three single terminated crystals points, with the termination’s pointed towards third eye chakra, being placed from the base chakra and stopping at the area of the heart chakra. The number of crystals utilized is left to the intuition of the practitioner.

After centering, attuning, and opening of the chakras…place sphere on heart side palm and crystal point on opposite palm, then continue to layout the array beginning at the feet, with termination’s of crystals going counter-clockwise, in shape of an oval.

With the practitioner on the heart side, making sure to always maintain contact… Guide the subject to center, relax, and initiate circular breathing …Have the subject visualize their ethereal body laying comfortably on the ground. Guide them to see their ethereal self stand up and follow a path… where they will find a very comfortable place to lay down… at this place, there is a green/or rose colored blanket…it is very soft, very comforting…have them visualize wrapping themselves in this blanket …enjoying the feel of comfort and safety…remind them that nothing can harm them with this blanket on … Remind them that they are to keep the blanket wrapped around their shoulders…

Now next to them, on the right hand side, is an object …ask them if they can see the object…have them describe the object to you…ask them if they can touch the object…After they have identified the object…a path of light will open in front of them…tell them to follow the path…and at the end of the path, they will meet an image of themselves, when they see this image…have them describe this image to you … this image begins to take a path that opens to the left…have the subject follow their image…encourage them to describe what this path looks like…how the image travels, etc… at the end of this path there is a building…could be a cottage, a house…have them enter the building with the image of themselves, like they are a shadow …have the subject look around the building …there is something in the building that the subject needs to see/know …

after locating what needs to be seen, the subject thanks the image…then have the subject follow their image back out to the original path …where he or she will meet another image of themselves…have them describe this image…have the subject follow this image to a path that opens on the left…have them describe the path …how they travel…etc …at the end of this path is another building …there is something  inside that they need to see/know… after locating what needs to be seen, the subject thanks the image …then have the subject follow their image back out to the original path… The subject should see both images… It is time for the subject to embrace the first image, allowing it to meld with them by taking the blanket around their shoulders and embracing the image like a cocoon…have them describe any changes that they notice…Have them look at themselves and describe what they look like … have they changed?

Then guide the subject back to the path of light… have them look at the object that they originally saw on the left of them when they first found the blanket …What does it look like?  Has it changed?  What will they do with this object?  Have the subject lay back down and unwrap the blanket from around his/her shoulders.  Bring the subject back to consciousness, reminding them that they bring back knowledge which will assist them to be more “Mobile”. !



Reprint from The TAOMCHI newsletter December 1998